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Larry Ferlazzo is a teacher who shows no remorse for those teachers that frivolously blog. He sees many different benefits in blogging, if one does it the correct way. Mr. Ferlazzo sees it helpful to students that are “non-techy” because he is able to share different resources with them. Often times, he puts different websites and other materials on his blog post, which creates an easy source for students to find the information they need. Not only does it allow Mr. Ferlazzo to share resources to his students, but it allows himself to find all sorts of materials in order for him to share different things with his students. He sees blogging as a great opportunity for teachers, so long as they use it in the correct manner.


Catherine Rawn is an educator who enjoys the world of blogging. Throughout her blog post, she explains the top two reasons as to why she blogs. Ms. Rawn explains how she blogs for the pure fact of professional development. Blogs allow her a space to where she can record her thought processes around teaching and learning. It also allows her to record an array of activities she has done in her classroom, which can be extremely beneficial to other educators looking for a few good ideas. The second reason she blogs is because it allows her to expose herself as a “real human” to her students. Many students, as I once did, have the assumption that their teachers do not have lives outside of school, so Rawn blogs for that reason as well. She also uses Twitter as a much shorter blog, but for all the same reasons.


“Ms. Frizzle” is a teacher who absolutely loves to blog about a cornucopia of topics. She has chosen to disclose her name, and goes under the username of Ms. Frizzle. The main reason this teacher began blogging was to document and record all of her hard earned work into a source where she could easily retrieve it later in life when she most needed it. Frizzle also blogs because it helps to give her a connection to teachers from all around the globe, and such a connection is powerful because she is able to see what ideas have worked in their classrooms and which didn’t. It is a simple and effective way for her to store information, as well as an outlet to a variety of teachers all around the globe.

As all three of these teacher have previously stated, blogs can be a huge benefit to a teacher in the classroom. When I develop my own teaching strategies, I hope to share them with teachers from all around the nation in hopes to creating a more effective learning environment, and none of that would be possible without the technology of blogging. Blogs will allow me to connect with my students in a way that is professional and effective. I hope to use a blogging system when I reach my career destination because the effects seem only to be positive.


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