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Wallwisher is a free program that allows students and teachers to post and comment a variety of different objects and text onto one common site. There is no need for the student to create a username to post things on a wall, but they merely need their e-mail address and their name. This site is used by numerous teachers all around our nation! It allows teachers to create a wall where their students who have questions may post them, instead of asking out loud in class. Many teachers have created walls for students to post their assignments to as well. This site also allows comments and feedback on the objects that others have placed on the wall. It is very private. The teacher is able to make their wall private so that no other person, besides those in his class, may see the content on the wall. To-do lists are also very popular on wallwisher, as an array of people create their own personal online calendar. This website is easily applicable inside the classroom because students and teachers may share ideas, projects, links, comments, pictures, and many more things to connect the classroom through one simple and free site.